Where to play Texas Holdem online


There is an online casino that does not include Texas Hold’em. Since, as mentioned, the most famous poker of the moment. Game rules are the same as the live version, but the adrenaline and excitement are if possible even more. Not only in the online casinos you can play Texas Hold’em, but also in the poker room, which are, in short, easy, mini-casinos online dedicated entirely to poker in all its forms (or almost).

Normally you can play at cash game tables (although in Italy it would not be allowed for now), that is, on tables where the chips are worth a certain amount each actually. Or you can play in tournament mode, the most fascinating (for some) you pay a predetermined fee, each part with the same number of chips and win money if you get into positions that require premium.

They range from minimum tournament (heads up, that is, one on one) to small tournaments (called Sit & Go, usually from 6 to 100 players maximum) for true multi-table tournaments (those with hundreds or thousands of participants and prize pool orgy).

Specifications of Texas Holdem

online differs from playing live for the full automation of those processes that take away a lot of time distribution and collection of papers, the calculation of the chips, accommodation of the tables. So proportionally it plays so much more hectic. In addition, online every decision has an amount of time: usually every player has fifteen or twenty seconds to make its own choice, otherwise the hand is considered spent (and lost).

In the most prestigious tournaments is the so-called Time Bank, a reserve of additional time in which each player can start when delicate decisions. Even this, however, is not infinite (usually it is 60 seconds in total). Finally, Texas Hold’em online lends itself to a reading of the game easier, since the amount of each bet, the pot and the remaining chips to each player is visible to all participants at each point of the hand.