The History of Slots

The History of Slots

Today we want share with you the history of slots games because in the next day we want share the rules and strategy so if you want know what is slot and when is born, read this article.

Slot is the first slot machine, was produced in 1895 by Charles Frey. Him has worked at the slot machine for much year, until 1907 when he sold the first one trought Mill Novelty Company. The first slot machine called Mills Liberty Bell. Most of the older slot machines just have 20 different symbols.

Actually we have more than 20 simbols, this depends by the slot machine. The newer machines are made by computer memory that have a random display of hundreds of symbols and special bonus.In the 1910, another slot machine was produced and was based on the Liberty Bell called Operation Bell. It had a coin entry with fruite symbols. This machine was sold out for 30.000 units.

Five Years later, slot machine have changed again. In 1931 was release on the market the slot machine called Lion Head, War Eagle, and Roman Head in the 1933 was be produced Castle Front. In the 30 years the slot machine was evolved with much type.Today there are 2 type of slot machine.

If in the past this time of casino games use real money, today thanks at the casino online, the player can use it and pay with virtual money using credit card. You dont need to go in real casino for play, we can do this from your house thanks at the computer. As we know the future is coming from year ago, and the old slot machine are only memory.

We hope that we love this history as we have already do it when we have decided to write it!