Strategies in Baccarat

As the Baccarat is a game completely random, there are strategies based on statistical calculations. But it seems that the dealer has any more likely to win, and that’s why often in casinos bet on the bench provides a more in commission on any winnings. Bet on a tie between the dealer and the player is rather more complicated combination: having less chances to win, the payout is still greater.
Another, if it can be called that, “strategy” is the so-called “1-3-2-6″ which allows at the same time you can win different compared to the initial bet, at the risk low losses.

The way it works is pretty simple:
the player bets one unit, which can have a value of variable chosen by the player (1 unit);
if the hand is won, the player must bet the unit episode previously added to another unit (3 units);
if he wins again, thus obtaining a total of 6 units, must only more or point 2 (2 units);
in case of a new victory, you have to add 2 more units (for a total of 6 units).

If the player gets to the end of this system will win a total of 12 units, but if you stop in the intermediate steps will get one of these cases:
if you lose in the first step, you will lose only 1 unit;
if you lose in the second step, you will lose only 2 units;
if you lose in the third step, you’ll be positive 2 units;
if you lose in the fourth step you are going to draw with as pointed in the previous steps.

Calculation of winnings in Baccarat

8:1 in case of a tie;
1:1 in all other cases (in case of victory of the counter, it often takes a percentage of the bets on the bench).