Facebook bets on gambling

If the gambling will be legalized in the United States, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg could become a society “of 100 billion dollars.” In fact, thanks to the revenues of the game “Farmville“, Facebook has made a billion dollars in revenues.

Now Facebook launches “Hidden Chronicles“, a game on a mysterious death of the protagonist’s uncle, which shed light on. To do so, we will find ourselves on the ability to leverage special “family”, but also the need to find hidden objects present on the screen, complete with combos, various scores and challenges with friends of course, able to make the experience of such social .

According to experts, the social network will generate approximately $ 400 million from gaming only by Zynga. “When everything is legalized, the online gaming industry will be the first revenue in the turnover of Facebook”, operators said. Never bet may be easier to win.


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